If you plan to resolve in Italy such issues as, purchase of the commercial real estate, purchase of the operating business or to begin Your own business, having registered Italian Company, or to issue the status of the Individual Entrepreneur, then you need professional support of Italian experts, business consultants, accountants.

According to the current legislation of the State of Italy, foreign citizens have the right to register the enterprise in the territory of Italy, without being the resident of this country. The initial stage of registration includes obtaining the following documents:

  • Codice Fiscale - Taxpayer Identification Number is alphanumeric code by which the Ministry of Finance, in the tax purposes, unambiguously identifies each personality living in the territory of Italy. This number of natural persons consists of 16 symbols, legal persons – of 11;
  • Conto Corrente – bank account in Italy;
  • Nulla Osta – the document which certifies lack of bases for refusal to carry out the chosen activity. Nulla Osta has to be requested by citizens, which don't live in Italy and plan to carry out economic activity independently.
Choice of commercial organizations in Italy is rather wide:
  • Dittà individuale – Individual Enterprise;
  • SNC, SAS – Full and Limited Economic Companies;
  • Società a responsabilità limitata (Srl) - Limited Liability Company;
  • Società per azioni (S.p.A) – Close Joint Stock Company.

Registration of commercial activity in Italy grants the right to the temporary residence permit (residence permit for business immigration), obtaining the status of resident, necessary for start of the procedure.

Servizi Italia Russia gives to clients the opportunity to receive support and consulting services from the highly qualified specialists on commercial and tax law and also management of the enterprises.