Lawyer in Milan

Do you need a legal support of the lawyer in Italy?

Company Servizi Italia Russia Company offers professional assistance of Italian lawyer.

Lawyer on immigration and administrative law:
  • legal support of immigration procedure, both in the territory of Italy, and in Italian Consulates in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union;
  • violation of your rights from the side of administrative bodies of Italy, namely: refusal in issue of documents, protest of refusal in issue of visa, the residence permit, the citizenship permit.
Legal consultation and help in the purchase of the real estate in Italy:
  • completion of Sale and Purchase Agreeements, Lease Agreements for purchase of objects of residential and commerce real estate;
  • legal support of transactions of purchase and sale;
  • assistance during purchase of the real estate from auctions in Italian Courts;
  • legal support concerning recognition and, if necessary, partition of the inherited real estate in Italy.

And also, consultation and legal support of economic, commercial, production activities. Your qualified lawyer in Italy will help you with solution of dispute issues and will protect your rights in Court.

Company Servizi Italia Russia Company provides legal services to citizens of Italy on all territory of Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union.